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NUMA on NINE with Spectrum LSF

NUMA (non-uniform memory access) has been written about ad nauseam. For those fans of POWER processors out there, we’ll show briefly in this blog what the NUMA looks like on a dual-socket POWER9 development system.

Intelligent HPC - Keeping Hard Work at Bay(es)

Since the dawn of time, humans have looked for ways to make their lives easier. Over the centuries human ingenuity has given us inventions such as the wheel and simple machines – which help greatly with tasks that would otherwise be extremely laborious.

Beyond Simulation – Harnessing AI for Next-Generation HPC at ISC

Computer simulation has become a staple technique in many disciplines – so much so that it often described as the “third pillar” of the scientific method.

Powering the Future of HPC & AI with OpenPOWER

It is coming up on one year that the Summit supercomputer based on IBM POWER9 at Oak Ridge National Lab claimed the number one spot on the Top500 ranking.

GPU usage information for jobs in IBM Spectrum LSF

In my last blog, we ran through an example showing how IBM Spectrum LSF now automatically detects the presence of NVIDIA GPUs on hosts in the cluster and performs the necessary configuration of the scheduler automatically.

A hands-on look at GPU "autoconfig" in IBM Spectrum LSF

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my goulash blog. I’ve not disappeared, rather I’ve been writing articles for the IBM Accelerated Insights solution channel on HPCWire.