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10-4 to the Ten64 with Rockstor

I love it when a plan comes together! And this time, I’m not referring to a daring rescue by the A-Team, but rather something just slightly more mundane - network attached storage (NAS).

HiFive Unmatched - some benchmarking results

No sooner did I receive my SiFive HiFive Unmatched board than did the questions about the performance of the board start to come in - from far and wide.

Booting HiFive Unmatched

For those of you who like system bootup videos, here is the latest addition to my collection. Here I’ve captured the bootup of Ubuntu 21.04 on a SiFive HiFive Unmatched developer board.

Very risqué computing

This spring, we’ve been blessed with fantastic and almost tropical weather here in Southern Ontario, Canada. Normally at this time, after a long winter the last thing on my mind are indoor activities.

Fun with an AArch64 NAS

If you’re anything like me, managing the data that is produced by our modern lifestyles is a chore. I’m the designated archival person in the family and as such I’m always looking for better ways to manage the huge volumes of data, from family photos and video to all of my music which I’ve digitized from my huge personal CD library.

Late to the party and a few bits short

I recently had the opportunity to purchase a pristine Novena desktop system. For those who aren’t aware, Novena is a Freescale i.mx6 based open-hardware computing platform which began shipping in 2015.