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MNT Reform 2 - part deux

A few days back I posted some of my initial thoughts of the MNT Reform 2 laptop which just recently arrived. I ran the usual battery of tests on the laptop including the High Performance Linpack (HPL) of course just for kicks.

Neunundneunzig MNT Reform(s)

I’ll admit it. I sat on the fence for a long time before placing an order for the MNT Reform 2 laptop. At the time, I was in the market for a laptop as my 2 Macbook Pro retina laptops were repurposed for online schooling for my children during the pandemic (and as it turns out were never returned to me).

Customizing command output in IBM Spectrum LSF

IBM Spectrum LSF provides many ways to query the LSF cluster for information about workloads. As a user, once you’ve submitted a job to LSF, it’s logical to want to understand what has happened to your job.

LSF hookin' up with the CRIU

With the unpredicable spring weather here in Southern Ontario, weekend projects are the order of the day. Whether it’s fixing my bike for spring, repairing things in the home which I’ve neglected for far long or topics relating to IT which have been percolating in my head, I am a textbook busybody.

Relivin' the 90's - Amiga style

Although I very much started my experience with home computers with IBM compatibles running MSDOS in the late 1980’s, I’m a lifelong, self-professed Commodore-Amiga addict. I distinctly recall the launch of the Amiga A1000 and being dazzled by it’s multimedia capabilities around the same time that I had a PC XT with CGA graphics.


Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) systems are servers made up a single planar board (motherboard) with more than one CPU socket. On such servers, each CPU socket is directly connected to part of the system main memory but can also use parts of the main memory to which it is not directly connected via a crossbar or interconnect.