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Gábor Samu
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Sep 15, 2017 1 min read

Cool and quiet benchmarking on MACCHIATObin (Armada 8040)

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I’ve recently taken delivery of a few new goodies to complement the MACCHIATObin Arm v8 powered board that I’ve written about recently on my blog.

Youi\’ll recall that my efforts to do some rudimentary testing including running HPL were thwarted by overheating. So I decided to address the issue with some parts I’ve been meaning to pickup anyway for some other interesting projects I have in the pipeline (fingers crossed):

And this is what is looks like now…

Now, the red workbench and shiny heatsinks scream performance. So what about my run of HPL (Linpack)? Well, I decided to start over from scratch and built my own Linpack against ATLAS, which I also compiled from scratch (let that run overnight).

The result? I went from hitting the thermal limiter (and a non-result) to a successful Linpack run - with the CPU temperature never really going much past 50C. As for my Linpack score, you can see that below.