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Gábor Samu
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May 13, 2015 2 min read

IBM Software Defined Infrastructure: Put the POWER down and jump the chasm!

OpenPOWER continues to put the power down and accelerate strongly in 2015.
Earlier this year, the First Annual OpenPOWER Summit took place and more recently Cabot Partners published the paper Crossing the Performance Chasm with OpenPOWER, outlining the benefits of OpenPOWER for HPC. Reading through that paper, one important point which stuck out were the considerations when choosing a HPC system. It suggests that rather than using point benchmarks, one must consider the performance of workflows across the HPC Data Life Cycle. This seems a very sensible approach actually. Would you choose a car strictly on it’s 0-100km/h time? Well, when I was 16 years old probably yes. What about braking, cornering, economy, safety? You need strong performance in all categories. OpenPOWER Foundation achieves just this - by bringing together organizations with broad expertise from accelerators, to interconnects around IBM POWER server technology.

IBM Software Defined Infrastructure helps to wield the sword of OpenPOWER for high performance computing workloads. Featuring broad OS/platform support including Linux on POWER (Little Endian), IBM Platform Computing software products provide broad capabilities including application management, infrastructure management, job scheduling as well as monitoring and reporting.

Learn more about the IBM Software Defined Infrastructure for high performance computing on OpenPOWER in this presentation from the OpenPOWER Summit. Put the POWER down and jump the chasm!