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Reminiscing and the computing renaissance

Sifting through boxes of 3.5 inch floppy diskettes - some of questionable provenance in a dusty basement. Gingerly packing up what I consider to be the holy trinity of Commodore Amiga computers - A1000, A2000, A3000 - all in some state of working condition.

Looking back at ISC High-Performance 2015

I’ve always enjoyed a good road trip. There’s just something fun about jumping in the car, and heading to a far off location. As they say, half of the fun is just getting to your destination.

IBM Software Defined Infrastructure: Put the POWER down and jump the chasm!

OpenPOWER continues to put the power down and accelerate strongly in 2015. Earlier this year, the First Annual OpenPOWER Summit took place and more recently Cabot Partners published the paper Crossing the Performance Chasm with OpenPOWER, outlining the benefits of OpenPOWER for HPC.